Saturday, November 17, 2007

Turkey Party Prep

What started as just an early Thanksgiving party with friends 5 years ago has turned into an annual tradition: The Turkey Party. Today is my 5th and final LA-based Turkey Party and all but a few of my closest friends are able to join me this year.

Two in particular will be missed, Abby & Tim. Faithful attenders these past years, tonight just won't be the same without them. So to make them feel as though they were there, I thought I'd document the process (or at least the highlights) of the day.

I had this brilliant idea to make cookies and write everyone's name on them to serve as place-card holders. After baking and icing them late last night, I realized that decorating cookies is not a talent I can really claim. So the cookies were used as party favors instead.
One of the most time-consuming tasks for any dinner party is setting the table. It's also one of the most fun; choosing linens, dishes, decor. This year I decided on copper/pumpkin linens, Ginger's china (my dishes are in storage), mini glass turkeys & taper candles, dried leaves and green glass gourds.
No matter how beautiful a table, the piece de resistance, my turkey, has to taste great. Two years ago I made the most delicious turkey EVER. Seriously, no matter how great your turkey may be, I promise this was a gazillion times better. Even I couldn't believe how amazing it turned out. But I digress.

This year's turkey theme is honey butter, one of my favorite flavor combinations (especially on cornbread or biscuits--Yum!). The turkey is brined and now in the oven, and will be liberally basted (and I do mean LIBERALLY) with honey butter every 20-30 minutes and then topped with a brownsugar glaze at the end. In the meantime I'm watching E!.
I can't wait to taste they turkey. I can't wait to taste what everyone else brings. It's going to be a good night (minus the missing friends, of course).


Sarah S said...

ooooo I just can't wait!!!

TheWinnFamily said...

I look forward to this EVERY year, almost more than the actual Thanksgiving (maybe more?)...I CANNOT wait! I too have been slaving away all day in preparation...this cake better be good!

DeniseMarie said...

I hadn't thought about it before, but you're right--your turkeys are ALWAYS so moist. I've heard that once you brine, you never go back. I'll have to try it the next time I'm responsible for preparing the turkey. Will you stock up on the misture during your tenure as a W-S mouthpiece?

Kellyry said...

Yes, I think brining is the key to moistness. My second tip is using a meat thermometer. Don't just gauge by the time (20 min per pound rule)--USE A THERMOMETER to check repeatedly, in both the thigh and the breast. I constantly find that my turkey's cook much faster than instructions may say.