Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY birthday!

(Said in a most Frosty-like voice.)
To one of my
dearest friends,


I wish you a
wonderful day
and an even more wonderful year


(Image from here.)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Favorites: Mr. & Mrs. Hoeg

Finally, wedding photos are edited and ready for Mr. & Mrs. Hoeg to see! For everyone else, I've selected a handful of my favorites from the wedding weekend. Click on the photo below to be taken to a Flickr slideshow. Enjoy! (See below the photo for a side note on Danish wedding customs that you will see depicted in the photos.)
Wedding Day B_0174v
Side Note: This is a wedding of a Danish couple that recently took place at Sophiendal Castle in Skanderborg, Denmark. Explanation of a few interesting customs may be helpful in understanding some of these photos. For example, the groom is in charge of choosing the bride's bouquet, which is a surprise to her when it arrives on her wedding day. At the party/reception, whenever the bride leaves the room for whatever reason, all the female guests line up to give the groom a kiss (and vice-versa when the groom leaves the room). The bride & groom must dance the Bridal Waltz before the clock strikes midnight as the guests gather round clapping in time, moving closer and closer as the dance comes to an end until the couple can no longer move, surrounded by their friends and family. Soon after the waltz the groom is captured, one shoe removed, and the toe of his sock cut. (And no, I don't know why that last custom exists.)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Every year I am amazed at the silent way that Christmas suddenly passes. One minute the fury of shopping, wrapping presents, traveling and cooking abounds, and in the next minute, it's all over. Done. (You have 364 days to get ready for the next round!) Here's a peak at what the last 24 hours looked like for us.

Christmas Eve included church, a party with neighbors, the traditional opening of the Christmas pj's and ended with leaving a note and treats for Santa.

Christmas morning dawned with presents a'plenty for everyone.
Favorites of Lindsey's were...
Michael was excited for...
Everyone else got gifts too, but as anyone with children knows, it's fun just to watch the kiddos open their presents.
Presents were eventually all opened.
Breakfast of cinnamon rolls, fruit salad & Sister Schuberts sausage rolls was eaten.
An elusive smile was captured (kitty cats help bring that out in 13-year old Michael).
Drums were played. (Loudly, but surprisingly well.)
The Price Is Right "Showcase Showdown" was battled out.
New slipper socks were enjoyed, cozy and cute while wearing comfy Christmas pj's.
New scooters were ridden wearing new furry Crocs. (A fall or two may have happened, but the smile stayed on!)
The table was set, and dinner prepared and finally eaten. On the menu: Turkey, Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, Mac-n-Cheese, Cranberry, Walnut & Blue Cheese Spring Salad, Baked Garlic-Tomato-Cream Pasta, Green Beans with Dried Cranberries & Bell Pepper, Stuffing, Crescent Rolls with Blackberry Jam & Christmas Jello Salad. For dessert: Dutch Apple Pie with Extra Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream, Mini Eclairs & Cream Puffs, White Cake with White Frosting, White Trash & Assorted Chocolates. We didn't go hungry last night!
A Skype webcam chat with the much-missed family in California followed by a couple rounds of a fun new boardgame-- Last Word-- finished off a very Merry Christmas.
Hope yours was just as fun and filling as mine!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Georgia or Bust

Yesterday I left the wintery midwest and headed to the unseasonably chilly south to spend Christmas with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins & Grandpa.
Our agenda for the next 8 days includes:

  • Eating
  • Making "White Trash" (a candy melange of sorts)
  • Watching TV
  • More eating
  • Baking cookies
  • Eating cookies
  • Laying around in our pajamas
  • Church
  • Cooking
  • Eating...again
  • Capturing it all for posterity
Cousin Lindsey (age 8) and I got started on the picture taking yesterday. Here's a peak at our evening:

Lindsey quizzed me on the various songs from the three High School Musical movies. I failed dismally.
I taught her about Charlie's Angels.
We enjoyed a moment in front of the fireplace.
Then Lindsey showed me her mad sliding skills, assisted by a pair of gloves.
And borrowed my camera to document some of the pets and people in the house.
And then I went to sleep in my cozy attic-esque bedroom with king-sized bed. Luxury!