Saturday, December 27, 2008

Favorites: Mr. & Mrs. Hoeg

Finally, wedding photos are edited and ready for Mr. & Mrs. Hoeg to see! For everyone else, I've selected a handful of my favorites from the wedding weekend. Click on the photo below to be taken to a Flickr slideshow. Enjoy! (See below the photo for a side note on Danish wedding customs that you will see depicted in the photos.)
Wedding Day B_0174v
Side Note: This is a wedding of a Danish couple that recently took place at Sophiendal Castle in Skanderborg, Denmark. Explanation of a few interesting customs may be helpful in understanding some of these photos. For example, the groom is in charge of choosing the bride's bouquet, which is a surprise to her when it arrives on her wedding day. At the party/reception, whenever the bride leaves the room for whatever reason, all the female guests line up to give the groom a kiss (and vice-versa when the groom leaves the room). The bride & groom must dance the Bridal Waltz before the clock strikes midnight as the guests gather round clapping in time, moving closer and closer as the dance comes to an end until the couple can no longer move, surrounded by their friends and family. Soon after the waltz the groom is captured, one shoe removed, and the toe of his sock cut. (And no, I don't know why that last custom exists.)


Abby... the Oregonian said...

kelly, those are so beautiful i can't believe you did that. what an amazing job you did. my favorite is the one of them kissing on the dance floor. you should feel very proud of your work there. when i get re married to tim again i am for sure hiring you! a job well, well, well done my friend. a

Kim said...

Your gift takes my breath away... truly...

b said...

Kelly--you are truly amazing.
You need to quit grad school and go make the very big bucks shooting rather than rehabilitating.

These are absolutely incredible, without exception.

Ok, may be one:
Holy crap I look horrible and old. Notes to self: NEVER EVER EVER die hair that dark again. Never ever. (I already got highlights to soften the effect while it grows out.) Drink less coffee, more water. Stop looking so serious. (Ok, we were WAY sick, tired and jet-lagged the entire time.)
Mike and I both think we look like Vampire and Cleopatra. Shite.
P.S. A little 'skin-smoothing' editing on the back-chub, sis? Thanks.

Lauren said...

Kelly, those look gorgeous! Great job!


Kim said...

Here is what I have discovered:

"Cutting the socks
After the bridal waltz the men will suddenly circle around the groom and get closer and closer. When the groom is completely encircled, they will lift him up, pull out a pair of scissors and cut his socks. This old tradition have roots in a saying from the 15th century; “make you stockings green” – meaning that a person will make up to another with erotic advances. When you cut a piece of the socks of the groom on his wedding day it will prevent him from trying to make up to other women in the future"


"There is some dispute about the origins of this tradition. Some say it has to do with checking to be sure the groom hasn't been sneaking around at night—if his socks smell like rye, he's a cad. Others say it's intended to force the bride to prove her sewing skills. Both interpretations seem strained to me—after all, it's a little late to find out whether the groom is a cheating dog or the bride is a lousy homemaker. Even if the experiment were undertaken with an eye toward annulment, you'd hardly need to take a physical sample of the groom's sock—you could just smell his feet—and the bride could be handed an old napkin, a spool of thread, and a needle if her sewing skills were really in question. So I'm guessing people just like cutting the groom's socks."

Amber said...

Kelly, you have a gift! Those pictures are beautiful and inspired!

Molly W. said...

I JUST looked at the slideshow and all I can say is W.O.W.! Okay, thats a lie, its not ALL I can say. Ohmygosh, I have too many favorites to list but I am just so so so impressed. You rocked it Kel, they are all so beautiful and you did such an amazing job. They are going to love them and have the hardest time choosing favorites!! Amazing.