Thursday, January 31, 2008

Phoebs, I promise, you were cool.

Cause if you weren't, then I wasn't either, and that's simply unacceptable.
And hello!? Our wheels automatically qualified us for coolness.
'82 Dodge Ram pickup truck with plumbing storage bins on the sides and a pipe threader on the back. A 16-year old girl's dream car, I tell ya! And your vehicle options were just as cool: 15-passenger van or steakbed pick-up truck. We ruled MHS when we rolled up in these babies!

I promise, Phoebe, we were cool. And somewhere else I have the pictures of us driving the Principal's Mustang Convertible to prove it.

The Outfit

With my first interview just days away, I had to figure out what I was going to wear. Thanks to D's help, I'm pleased with my outfit which is conservative enough, but not too staid, and complete with some fun/funky jewelry touches.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Charcoal: View from Makeout Point

This is what heaven looks like:

Sometime this weekend I will make this Potato Focaccia. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures.

(Image from (& for recipe): The Wednesday Chef)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey, Guess What!

Can't read that? Here, let me try and make that bigger...

February 11 interview in Chicago!

Calling all distractions!

Yesterday was a low point in this whole "waiting for word" process. Tears of frustration and impatience were shed. So it's been decided that I need something to distract me, some project to occupy my time. After work I went for a walk and took my camera along.
What should I do today? Tomorrow? The day after that? I welcome your suggestions, your challenges, your ideas.

Monday, January 28, 2008

As Seen On a Road Trip (HWY 99 & 41)

Going there:

Coming Home:

Winter Camp (Weekend in Bass Lake)

(Alternately titled "Leave your socks on, Brennan. We live in the mountains!" or "Welcome to Narnia")

Rain, snow and traffic accidents on the 5 fwy could not keep me from driving up to Bass Lake to visit Molly & Brennan this past weekend. Stocked with plenty of snacks ($17 worth of junk food from Rite Aid), warm clothes and snow chains, I arrived Friday evening after an uneventful drive north.

Peeps kept me company as cars inched along, finally passing a big rig that had spun out on the freeway.


Saturday we went out to play in the snow. Someone's dog joined us.

Around the camp...

The Peeps wanted to play in the snow too.
And of course we took a couple self-portraits.

Molls was kind (& trusting!) enough to let me try out her new camera (I was terrified!). The experience taught me two things: #1 The camera does NOT make the photographer (I took a lot of crappy photos despite having a superb camera in my hands), and #2 The camera does NOT make the photographer (see paranthetic statement in #1). It did inspire me to practice, practice, practice though. Here are a few shots I did get with her 'baby'.
Thanks M & b for hosting me this weekend! I miss you both already and am desperately wishing all that snow you are getting this morning had come yesterday morning so I could have had an excuse to stay longer.

For M's account of our weekend, click here. For more photos of the weekend, go here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here I am!

I sent a text message to a few of you who wanted to know that I arrived safely after my drive up to M's, but it doesn't appear as though you got it and there is little-to-no cell phone reception to make or receive calls.

. I am!
Having fun with M & B (A's away on a weekend trekking trip).

Friday, January 25, 2008

Load up the car, kids!

Oh wait. I don't have any kids and thus no slaves, er, I mean 'help' to load up. And besides, I already did that this morning since I woke up early.

Currently my car contains:

  • The usual misc. junk in box in the trunk (including 2 "waterproof" picnic blankets, some extra scraps of fabric from my couch pillows, a couple of empty water bottles, 3 books I've already read, a scarf and various old school papers and folders).
  • My wool coat and a light-weight jacket
  • 1 bottle of Aquafina (filled with tap water--I'm not picky)
  • 4-100-calorie packs (2 each of Sandies and Cheezits)
  • A bag filled with clothes for this weekend (2 pair of jeans, 2 sweatshirts, 2 pairs of sleeping pants, 2 sleeping t-shirts, 2 pashminas, a handful of underwear, several pair of socks, a pair of all-terrain "hiking" shoes, slippers, my ankle Uggs (had 'em for 10 years!) and a steal of a pair of rain boots I found at Marshalls last night for $15. And my toiletries, of course.)
  • A pillow (as per M's instructions) and a down comforter (in case I get stuck in the snow and have to live in my car for the next 3 days)
  • My laptop with essential cords
  • 2 umbrellas
  • My farmer's market basket waiting to be filled up with other road-trip snacks
  • Directions
  • A little present for Molly
To do before I get out of Dodge:
  • Pick up chains from Pep Boys that I put on hold yesterday
  • Get gas
  • Get lunch
  • Get snacks
To do while I'm there:
  • Hang with Molly
  • Play with Brennan
  • Lay around and do nothing but lay around
  • Enjoy the snow
  • Forget about how I've still not heard from Chicago...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meet the Spartans

Will you laugh at me if I see this movie? I crack up every time I see the preview. They are making fun of all the fools I laughed at this last year.


It was a dusting of hail on my car, the rooftops and the ground that greeted me this morning after the night's rainstorm. You know you're in SoCal when everyone is outside exclaiming over the little white pellets, taking pictures.

Hey, no laughing! This is the closest to snow we come round these parts. Now, drive a mere 30-45 minutes and you're sure to encounter lots of the real thing.

As much as I HEART the snow, I'm fearful that it may ruin my weekend plans to visit the Winns in the mountains. I've been so looking forward to this trip--The snow! A weekend away! Visiting with Molly & Brennan! If I have to snowplow the entire Grapevine myself, I. Will. GO. (Still with me, La?)

When this rainbow showed up right outside my office window, I knew it was a sign that God wants me to go tomorrow.
Isn't it beautiful? Amazing how you really can see the colors of a rainbow: Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Violet.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Death and A Dress

The death of Heath Ledger...shocking and sad. As it always is, it's shocking to have someone so young die so unexpectedly. Sad to know that his daughter will not have her father there.

All of the stories online, the photo memorials, the timeline of his career, have reminded me of something I'd forgotten.
How much I LOVE this dress. The color, the style, the way her hair, makeup and jewelry all perfectly suit the dress. This dress was a love-it or hate-it at the 2006 Oscars. I loved it then. Still do now.

(Photo from TalkLeft.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Or perhaps I can turn this into a spiritual thing and say I'm "fleeing from temptation" rather than avoiding a situation that I should learn to deal with.

Ever since I went on my strict savings plan, I've been so proud of my self-control and restraint (though I suppose those 2 descriptors are essentially the same thing) in shopping and spending without hesitation or consideration. I find myself feeling guilty for spending $20 at Target for a jacket that was on clearance. I took it back. (Though I should confess that it wasn't very flattering and so not worth the guilt.)

Shopping when you have no money to spend isn't very much fun. I've even stopped browsing sites I love online because I don't want to be tempted or frustrated that I must abstain. All of the glorious and beautiful and unique design blogs I used to read, not so much fun anymore without a home of my own to decorate and money to decorate with. Don't you agree?

In other news, I'm reaching the "really, really annoyed" stage of impatience. And I still have weeks to go. I need to harvest this impatience and go for more walks.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Hometown Birthday

The folks seem to have something for Hometown Buffet. They claim to choose it for the kids, but I think it's really them who loves the mini corndogs and dessert bar. So to HTB we headed to ring in Dad's 54th birthday. A lot happened on the way to the buffet line. Check it out...

Audrey ate olives. She likes to stick them on her fingers first.
Samuel thought. And he thought. And he invented something cool in his head.

Kirsten explained how Samuel & Lance are obsessed with her hair, twirling it between their fingers and petting her head.

Pops scored some cool birthday presents: A reminder of his daughter's recent graduation, The Clapper and some dough to buy a couple fingers worth of heated motorcycle gloves he wanted. Yeah, he scored big time.
There was some good ol'fashioned sibling rivalry over why Bay & Samuel look alike.

Lance swiped frosting off of someone's cake while B hugged on Bay.
Audrey & Bay communicated telepathically (while the little girl in the background stared at me).
We took the requisite Grandparents/Grandkids shot so mom & dad can keep with up with the Sorensens.
And after the Probsts drove off, Nanay and Audrey played shadow puppets.

See how exciting it was? I told ya! Maybe next time we'll invite you.