Monday, January 28, 2008

As Seen On a Road Trip (HWY 99 & 41)

Going there:

Coming Home:


TheWinnFamily said...

pretty cool the barn one a lot.

DeniseMarie said...

Those are some gorgeous shots!

Michelle Eastman said...

Hi Kelly!

Okay - I am feeling seriously inept with my blog after viewing yours!! You have something EVERY DAY almost!

I have to find some reason that I cannot keep up with you ..... hmmm...I am going to think on it! ;o)

LOVE your photos - they are gorgeous and I am envious that I was not able to view such pleasing sights as these!

I think there is a budding photographer in you somewhere!

Kellyry said...

Michelle- I think the fact that you are mother to FOUR BOYS is enough of a reason to explain a lack of daily blogging. I hereby release you from any guilt you may feel! Amen.

(Thanks for the kind words about my photos--I do enjoy trying to find something creative to capture. As someone who doesn't consider herself particularly creative, photography has been a nice instigator.)

Jeremy said...

those last few pictures are AMAZING!

"...amber waves of grain"

Phoebe said...

Loving the rainbow shot.