Monday, January 21, 2008

Did you know? I'm a highly-sought after photographer for my super-great photos.

This morning I received an email from Schmap (an online travel/photo guide service to various cities) that one of my photos from last October's trip to Boston had been "shortlisted" to include in their Schmap-Boston February 2008 publication. I followed the link, eager to discover which photo had been selected, only to find it was this one:Now, Tacos El Charro did provide tasty Mexican food, and was highly recommended in my Fodor's guide...but really? This photo? This is the picture they want to use? This poor lighting, flash-overload image?! Oy vey.


TheWinnFamily said...

That is awesome and hysterical at the same time! How'd they find your pic? Do you get any $ out of the deal?!

Kellyry said...

They found me on Flickr and no compensation was offered, though I will be attributed as the "Photographer" when the guide is published.