Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Camp (Weekend in Bass Lake)

(Alternately titled "Leave your socks on, Brennan. We live in the mountains!" or "Welcome to Narnia")

Rain, snow and traffic accidents on the 5 fwy could not keep me from driving up to Bass Lake to visit Molly & Brennan this past weekend. Stocked with plenty of snacks ($17 worth of junk food from Rite Aid), warm clothes and snow chains, I arrived Friday evening after an uneventful drive north.

Peeps kept me company as cars inched along, finally passing a big rig that had spun out on the freeway.


Saturday we went out to play in the snow. Someone's dog joined us.

Around the camp...

The Peeps wanted to play in the snow too.
And of course we took a couple self-portraits.

Molls was kind (& trusting!) enough to let me try out her new camera (I was terrified!). The experience taught me two things: #1 The camera does NOT make the photographer (I took a lot of crappy photos despite having a superb camera in my hands), and #2 The camera does NOT make the photographer (see paranthetic statement in #1). It did inspire me to practice, practice, practice though. Here are a few shots I did get with her 'baby'.
Thanks M & b for hosting me this weekend! I miss you both already and am desperately wishing all that snow you are getting this morning had come yesterday morning so I could have had an excuse to stay longer.

For M's account of our weekend, click here. For more photos of the weekend, go here.


TheWinnFamily said...

Come back! Come back!

b said...

Looks fun!

Jeremy said...

that went by fast. Glad you had a good time of fun, frolicking, and fellowship.

Abby... the Oregonian said...

kel, i love the peeps. they seem to have had a good time. i am jealous that molly is so close... can't wait to see what the peeps do in oregon

Kim said...

Those torn up peeps are a bit disturbing!!! Glad to see they recovered enough to do a little bird watching on the railing.