Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Or perhaps I can turn this into a spiritual thing and say I'm "fleeing from temptation" rather than avoiding a situation that I should learn to deal with.

Ever since I went on my strict savings plan, I've been so proud of my self-control and restraint (though I suppose those 2 descriptors are essentially the same thing) in shopping and spending without hesitation or consideration. I find myself feeling guilty for spending $20 at Target for a jacket that was on clearance. I took it back. (Though I should confess that it wasn't very flattering and so not worth the guilt.)

Shopping when you have no money to spend isn't very much fun. I've even stopped browsing sites I love online because I don't want to be tempted or frustrated that I must abstain. All of the glorious and beautiful and unique design blogs I used to read, not so much fun anymore without a home of my own to decorate and money to decorate with. Don't you agree?

In other news, I'm reaching the "really, really annoyed" stage of impatience. And I still have weeks to go. I need to harvest this impatience and go for more walks.


Sarah S said...

walks are free... take your camera with you... create your own art... and enjoy it... you CAN do it KEL!

TheWinnFamily said...

I'm sure I should know this but what happens in several weeks? When is the end? sorry if I'm a lame friend for asking....

Kellyry said...

Weeks to go until I hear from all of the schools about interviews. And then still many more weeks until those interviews, and still even more weeks until I know where I've been accepted.

Too many weeks for my liking.

b said...

Hang in there, Kell. This will all be over sooner than you think and then the next months will absolutely FLY BY like a flash, because you'll be interviewing--and then moving, and then in grad school!

About abstaining from browsing: very smart, indeed! (Refer to 'Indexed' and her graph about the correlation between discontent and advertising.) Those bastards create needs you don't even have--why I had to get rid of the luxury hotel book. Too tempting!

Katie said...

You'll push past it. I remember being so frustrated that I couldn't go shopping that I made myself a little sick.

It's hard, but you can do it.