Thursday, January 31, 2008

Phoebs, I promise, you were cool.

Cause if you weren't, then I wasn't either, and that's simply unacceptable.
And hello!? Our wheels automatically qualified us for coolness.
'82 Dodge Ram pickup truck with plumbing storage bins on the sides and a pipe threader on the back. A 16-year old girl's dream car, I tell ya! And your vehicle options were just as cool: 15-passenger van or steakbed pick-up truck. We ruled MHS when we rolled up in these babies!

I promise, Phoebe, we were cool. And somewhere else I have the pictures of us driving the Principal's Mustang Convertible to prove it.


TheWinnFamily said...

Tell me these pics were taken on Halloween...tell me.

Kellyry said...

I'm guessing they were Halloween 1993? 1994?

Amber said...

I needed to smile today, and that did the trick :). You girls were so much fun.

Phoebe said...

You are SO wrong Kelly. That was not Halloween, that was Diversity Day 1994(or whatever it was called).
Thanks for making me feel better about my awkward years.
I should find pictures and figure out how to work my scanner. I have some gems tucked away.

grannybabs said...

You girls were cool - take it from me - the discerner of ultimate coolness.

I only remember the good times - I must be getting old!