Friday, February 01, 2008

Places to Go: Pasadena (City Hall)

One of my goals before I move this summer is to tour SoCal and (re)visit sites that I love or are quintessential L.A.

One of my favorite buildings around is Pasadena City Hall. After years of renovations and retrofitting, it is once again open for exploring. As I found myself that way yesterday afternoon, I decided to snap a few pictures, taking advantage of the beautiful blue skies and afternoon sunlight.

Lauren & I had dinner at CPK right next door, so I was able to get a few at night, the building golden with lights. Unfortunately my battery ran out before I could get all the angles I wanted (and after I figured the right ISO to capture the night lights). I guess another visit is needed--Oh darn!

What are some of your favorite LA sites? I'm taking suggestions!

PS. For more Pasadena photos, go here.


Kim said...

I miss Pasadena!!! I love that bridge that curves with the pretty lightposts on it.

Kellyry said...

Suicide Bridge! Yeah...Good idea!

(PS. Pasadena misses you, too. :-)

Phoebe said...

Olivera Street
The train station by Olivera Street
Dodger Stadium
Taco Lita
I know I'll think of more.

Jeremy said...

i am at the Pasadena Central Library right now!

My picture is from Lake Moraine in Alberta. 22 years ago our family went to EXPO 86. We saw a sign on the way to LAke Louise. We drove there and came upon this lake. granted, the glaciers and mountains were cool, but the lake was BLAH. So we followed a trail up higher, where the sun was shining, and got a picture not too different than that one.

TheWinnFamily said...

First of all BOO that you and L were at CPK w/out me. Second of this point I pretty much think anything outside of Bass Lake is a favorite site. :) Joking!...kinda.

coconuts said...

Famous icons I miss:
Taco Lita
In N Out
The Hat (can you tell I'm hungry)
Plus,I really get homesick when I see the Santa Anita Racetrack in movies or on a tv really is a beautiful place! Aunt Laurie xoxo

Jeremy said...

The hollywood sign, Griffith Park Observatory, downtown, Grauman's Theatre, ANY beach, the original Tommy's shack, Union Station, Watts Towers, etc.

carri and will (your hipcook lurkerzzzz) said...

heya kelly!

its your hipcooks pal!
i have become a provereal regular : )
congrats on the interview!
LOVE chicago!
forgo the suit
and please wear that kimono
to the interview.
super.SUPER.RAD! : )

thought of you yesterday.
i went to that gluten free bakery -
the sensitive baker in culver city
to meet gluten free girl!
she was there chatting
and signing books.
was awesome.
and i was telling her how inspiring
and beautiful her writing is.
and i told her how i had met
a gal in a cooking class that
was also a big fan
and how the gluten free girl blog
made her WANT to have celiac : )

she thought that was a HOOT!

anyhoooo....good luck, girlie!!

tims said...

love the photos!