Thursday, February 07, 2008

I guess my appetite is starting to come back. Darn!

I've only ever had Bananas-Foster once in my life, but this picture makes me want to have a dinner party just so I can make this at home. Thanks for the recipe, Williams-Sonoma!


TheWinnFamily said...

does this mean your feeling better? I've hardly eaten in days...the good thing is I'm down several lbs...even if it is water weight, I'll take it! :)

Kellyry said...

Still feeling like crap, exhausted from even getting up to go to the bathroom and now I'm experiencing other sickness side effects (i.e. stomach related ones...), but other than that, I'm peachy! I finally ate a little bit yesterday, and some oatmeal this morning. I'm also down several lbs, 6 or 10, depending on the scale. Fun. :-|

Kim said...

When we were dating Darren surprised me with this one night when I was really hormonal and had a headache. He was in my little kitchen in montrose suddenly there were flames coming off the pan in the kitchen (purposefully) - then he walks in with this amazing dessert like I was in a 5 star restaurant! So he didn't really have me at hello. He had me at dessert.