Thursday, February 07, 2008

Don't blame me, blame Dooce!

Just because 9 or so people have all become sick within 48 hours of being in my presence does not mean I am the carrier. Right?! After all, Dooce had it first. Blame her. I've been reading so much of her archives I must have caught it through the interweb.

Sorry MollsCarlosKiraDeniseMattMikeAudreyYvetteBobbyJacob. Oh wait, that's 10.

I'm really sorry.

(Thanks to sister-Kirsten for her kind care these past few days. As a mom of 3 she knows what to do.)


DeniseMarie said...

I'm too busy hacking up pieces of my own lung tissue and being simultaneously too HOT and too COLD (didn't think it was possible, did you?) to lay blame right now. I will get mad at you later and then, of course, promptly forgive. :)

Kellyry said...

Oh, I knew it was possible because that was my HELL on Monday. Glad the forgiveness is inevitable.

Sarah S said...

lauren didn't get the plague?!?!

TheWinnFamily said...

Um, Brennan has it too.

Kellyry said...

Brennan doesn't count because I did not directly transfer it to her. We can blame you for that. :-)

And yes, somehow, some crazy way, Lauren avoided it. Come to think of it La, do you ever get sick? Must be that healthy breakfast you eat every day. :-)

Lauren said...

Well, it might be the healthy breakfast, or all those in & out french fries I've been eating for lunch, but I was deathly ill with some sickenss at Christmas. I'm hoping that means I'm immune to this one but today I started feeling a little sickly... we'll see if I can stay healthy. I'm going to Carlos' this weekend and he's still recovering.