Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Operation:Rescue Molly (or, "We are SO FUN!")

Conversation last Friday afternoon at approximately 2:03pm:
K: Hey, M. You in Fresno?
M: Hi, K. Yeah, I'm sitting in the theater waiting for Juno to start.
K: Having fun on your day away? You needed it.
M: Yeah, I went to Target and Anthro and now I get to see a movie by myself. It's been great. I wish you were here though. :-(
K: I do too. Hey! Meet me and Lauren in Bakersfield!
M: What?! Are you crazy?! Ok!
K: We are SO FUN!

And the rest, as they say, is history. And allow me to reasure you ladies and gentleman (Hi Jer!), that history was indeed made this last weekend. In Bakersfield, no less. History was made, dear friends, because even in this town, where the IHOP has a 'B' rating and little boys strolled past with rat-tail braids hanging from the backs of their otherwise buzzed heads, we managed to find real shopping, the balm for any homesick girl's heart. And it wasn't at the oh-so-classy Valley Plaza.

It all started with a drive north. No road trip with L & K would be complete without a little Coolio. Lauren & I are some bad-a##-mo-fos, I tell ya!

Dinner was had at the ever-popular Olive Garden, where the three of us 'endeared' ourselves to our waitress with our individual water requests (K= Water with lemon, no ice (it irritates the cough!), M= Water with Lemon, with ice, L=Water NO Lemon, with Ice), just as we always do everytime we dine out together.

The next morning, the Peeps enjoyed the view of Bakersfield from our 4th floor room at the Holiday Inn Express. Ah, trailer parks! Aren't they lovely?!

And because the three of us can never have enough self-portraits, we took a few more. Some more inclusive than others.

So long, Bakersfield! We will not miss you per se, though we are eternally gratefuly that you were so conveniently located between Fresno & LA. I'd say Operation: Rescue Molly was a success.


TheWinnFamily said...

A HUGE success!! Thank you again Kel...a MILLION. xo

Lauren said...

We ARE so fun!! It was great to spend time with both of you. And so glad we (and a little shopping) could boost Molly's spirits. And... it looks like the peeps might have had just as much fun as we did!

Jeremy said...

You girls went to valley plaza AND SURVIVED?