Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No fair. Humph!

My first day of non-full-time employment and I had to be up earlier than when I was working full-time! Because of the time difference, my 8:00am registration appointment became 6:00am Pacific Time. Fortunately I managed to get all the class times I wanted, condensing school to Mon-Wed, leaving Thurs/Fri free for studying, working part-time & out of town visitors.

And now, I'll get busy using this early morning time productively to pack the last of my things as I wait for the ABF moving truck to arrive sometime between 8am-Noon, and the loading guys around 1pm. Is it tomorrow yet?

Tomorrow I can breathe again.

And maybe actually sleep in?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kell-Bell & Co.

One of the last volunteers (victims?) to my request for photography subjects is also one of my oldest friends, Kelly, going back over 20 years. We met through our sisters, both named Brandi, and we quickly became "The Kellys." Roaming the halls of junior high it was a big joke to call out to the two of us, "Hey Kelly!" to which we'd both respond, "Yeah?" and then they'd say, "No, the other one!" and point in a non-specific direction, at which point we'd shake our heads, realizing the joke was on The Kellys.

Since those days Kell has married her high-school sweetheart, Tom, and together they've created two adorable children, Emily & Brady. For some photos, we headed to Tom & Kell's college alma-mater, Cal Poly Pomona.
BertschFam_0081 BertschFam_0080

The Rydmans: Take 2!

With Raja sick the first time around, we decided to try one last time to get some family photos of one of my favorite families, the Rydmans. Wanting all the photography practice I can get, I certainly don't complain about needing a re-do. :-)

A few of my favorites...


Thursday, July 24, 2008

M + A = Still in L*O*V*E

Friends Molly & Adam decided to go back to where she said the first "Yes" that would lead to the "I Do's" that happened just over 8 years ago. It was just the two of them and the beach (and me, who was honored to capture this celebration for posterity).

Here's a peek at their evening.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jack(son) & Sawyer: Not Lost

If you're looking for Jack & Sawyer, they are no longer LOST. I found them at a park in Monrovia. Well, I didn't really find them there so much as I drove with them and their mother to this park in Monrovia. You see, the mother is an old friend of mine since junior high days, and they recently moved back to M-town from the east coast, and lucky for me, they wanted to get together to play. Though it was my first time meeting these two little guys, we soon became fast friends.
For more of Jack & Sawyer, go HERE.

(If you're lost on the LOST references, go HERE. And no, they weren't named for the show.)

A good side benefit

My friend Jodi (originally from the mid-west) wrote this in a recent email about all the fun I'm going to have in Chicago:

"And giiiirrrrlllll, the midwestern men! They actually aren't afraid to ask you out! And they pay! And we grow them tall and strong!"

Although midwestern men was not on my list of "Pros" when it came to choosing Chicago, I think this will be a very nice side benefit, no?

Preparing to move is like treading water

You have to keep moving just to keep your head above water. And it feels like you're not getting anywhere. ANYWHERE. AT ALL.

In the last week I have:

  • Taken lots of photos
  • Lots 'o visits & dinners & lunches with various friends
  • Procrastinated
  • Walked the Rose bowl
  • Attended Pageant of the Masters
  • Said goodbye to Ginger (who is now in Thailand) & niece Bailey (who is leaving for a vacay with her dad), both sad occasions
In the last week I've not been:
  • Editing Jack & Sawyer's photos
  • Editing Rydman Family Photos (2nd try)
  • Editing Bertsch Family photos
  • Editing Leslie's headshots
  • Ummmmmmmmmmm.....PACKING!!
Wish me luck. Moving truck comes in 6 days. If you have nothing better to do Saturday morning and Sunday all day, and you want to come kick my butt into gear to finish packing, I'd be grateful.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Portland Osborns: Days 4-6

Nearing the end of my Portland trip recap! My last 48 hours were spent with my dear friends the Osborns, who had relocated to Portland last fall. Filled with fun, our time went by way too fast. Among other things we...

Took family photos (Here are a few of my favorites)
Abby & I rode bikes & train-ed it to downtown Portland for lunch, dessert at Papa Haydn's, and shopping (without buying) in North-West

The boys played pirate/captive and dump truck while Abby grilled us up some delicious orange marmelade chicken shish-kebobs.
We also went to Church (just like old times!), watched Hell-Boy (irony after the 'church' part?), In Plain Sight and Uncle Buck, chatted, laughed, cuddled, and more chatting. Thank you, dear friends, for every minute of those 48 hours.

I love me some Osborns!

(If you love the Osborns too and want to see more of them, go HERE.)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Portland BAM's: Days 3-4

Saturday morning I met up with the Osborns to do a little family photo shoot (look for a post later), while Mike played in an Imago Dei kickball tournament. We returned home and had lunch, a nap for Audrey, and then that previously mentioned UH-MAZE-ING donut. Here it is again, along with a few signs that caught my eye downtown.

Following the feast of the donut, Mike & I met up with Bran & Audrey at a neighbor's co-ed Baby Shower BBQ. There Audrey played with her new same-aged friend Katie, who lives conveniently right next door with her parents Jen & Victor. I observed that two-year olds rarely interact together. Instead, they stand close by and observe, at times immitating, other times ignoring.
Audrey loved touching & hugging Jen's pregnant belly. I'd say she's ready for a sibling, eh?
My last morning with BAM included a delicious breakfast at Papa Haydn's, followed by a little family photo shoot. A few favorites include...
The Morris' doing Zoolander's 'Blue Steel'
Keeping A happy (past her naptime) with Tic-Tacs
Audrey so serious (probably wondering why I'm crawling on my belly on the grass)
Love you, BAM! And miss you all already. Thanks for the cozy bed, the Fruit Loop treats and your company. Looking forward to our next visit...in Chicago, perhaps?
You can see all the photos from my Days 1-4 with BAM in Portland HERE.
Or more family photos HERE.