Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Portland BAM's: Days 1-2

Although I've heard how happy and settled BAM (Bran, Audrey & Mike) are in Portland, it was nice to see for myself. Their adorable house is hyggeligt and just perfect for their family, the neighborhood quaint and charming with almost everything one needs within walking distance, and they are well on their way to making good friends and creating a life. Driving from the airport to BAM's left me a little sad that Portland had not been an option for me to move to (at least not at this time). So I contented myself to enjoy the 2 1/2 days I had with them. And enjoy we did.

My arrival late Thursday night was met with a tasty late dinner, tour of the house and a chat before bedtime. Friday morning I awoke in the basement guest room to the sounds of Audrey's pitter-patter above me. As she had been asleep when I arrived the night before, I was so excited to see my girl. (Lest you feared, allow me to reassure you she is just as sweet and adorable as she was when they moved in April, if not more so. Oh, how I adore that girl!)

After a little reading and playing, we walked to Bertie Lou's, a favorite local breakfast place, where Miss A colored and entertained me with her Blue Steel impression. (It melts my heart!)

After breakfast we meandered home, stopping along the way to talk with the neighbor who had dinasaurs in her front yard (and a real life one that she showed us),
And played on a swing a kindly neighbor had hung from their tree close to the sidewalk so other children could play.
Following an afternoon nap, my long-time friend Phoebe (who now lives in Lake Oswego) & her 3 kiddos came over to play on the slip-n-slide. Seven year old Henry took a few minutes working up the courage to fling himself onto the yellow plastic, but once he did, there was no stopping him.
Calvin & Audrey just loved playing in the water and walking on the slide.
Baby Agnes was cute as always.
It was great seeing Phoebe!
After Phoebs and the kiddos left, we grilled for dinner, visited with next-door neighbors who'd stopped by, relaxed and just enjoyed one another's company. My time in Oregon was off to a good start.

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TheWinnFamily said...

Love the pics Kel! Audrey looks precious and little Agnes is yummy too! Looks super fun.