Monday, July 07, 2008

Thank You & Thank You!

Before a blog wrap-up of the weekend occurs, I must first take a moment to thank Ginger, my dear friend who did so much to make my birthday day, and the entire weekend in Catalina, a fun & relaxing time. From a silly hat and Happy Birthday sign to snorkeling in a kelp forest and ice cream topped with marshmallow sauce, I felt loved and celebrated for my 31st birthday. Thank you, Ging, for all you did this weekend, and for all you are as my friend!

And a thank you to all of you who texted, called and commented (on my blog and Facebook wall) with your sweet wishes for my birthday and the coming year. I felt absolutely loved and celebrated, even though we weren't together.


TheWinnFamily said...

Glad you had such a sweet time friend. xo

Jeremy said...

31 was pretty fun, but 32 I said woo woo! 33 is on its way, coming up on Thanksgiving Day. Nipsey Russell eat your heart out!

Isn't it nice to have that much more of a celebration, every single year? By the way, those firework pictures were AMAZING! skies tomorrow said...

You are most welcome my friend - I will miss you terribly!