Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm back! (Again.)

Back from Oregon and gearing up for my last 2 weeks in Cali. It was so great seeing Bran, Mike & Audrey (whom I adore more than ever), Phoebe & her kiddos (always great to see my long-time friend), and the Osborns (love me some Osborns). My time was so filled I didn't have much leftover to get to editing of all the photos I took there (here's just one for your summer viewing pleasure), so I'll chip away at them over the next few days and post when I can.

Until then...15 days and counting down, people!

(PS. If anyone local has extra boxes they want to get rid of, let me know and I'll come fetch them. I need to get started packing the last of the last.)


Amber said...

kelly -
Call me for boxes!~amber

TheWinnFamily said...

Let me guess, that cute pic is little Audrey?! Can't wait to see more!

Lauren said...

I have some boxes in my garage. You are welcome to have them if you want. They might be spidery though :/