Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Portland Osborns: Days 4-6

Nearing the end of my Portland trip recap! My last 48 hours were spent with my dear friends the Osborns, who had relocated to Portland last fall. Filled with fun, our time went by way too fast. Among other things we...

Took family photos (Here are a few of my favorites)
Abby & I rode bikes & train-ed it to downtown Portland for lunch, dessert at Papa Haydn's, and shopping (without buying) in North-West

The boys played pirate/captive and dump truck while Abby grilled us up some delicious orange marmelade chicken shish-kebobs.
We also went to Church (just like old times!), watched Hell-Boy (irony after the 'church' part?), In Plain Sight and Uncle Buck, chatted, laughed, cuddled, and more chatting. Thank you, dear friends, for every minute of those 48 hours.

I love me some Osborns!

(If you love the Osborns too and want to see more of them, go HERE.)


TheWinnFamily said...

I love me some Osborns too. :) That first pic is my fave!

Abby... the Oregonian said...

oh kel, love, love, love the pictures... your amazing... let me also just add that all those movies that she mentioned were snippets of them, not the whole show or movies. i don't want you all to think that if you come to my house i chain you to the basement and make you watch mindless tv!!!!!

Leslie said...

Those pictures are AMAZING! Kelly! You are so talented...I keep saying that, but it's truly capture people and create memories for them. I heart you. A lot.
THANK YOU FOR TODAY!! You are the best!

jen jen said...

ahh now i miss the osborns. ethan is SOO big, he's like a little man. i can't believe it. i have now become the old person who thought 'i remember when he was small and i changed his diaper' and he is like 'who the hell is the weird lady'.

great pics kel! so glad you had some fun times with the osborn clan in OR.