Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Underwater Cam Confession

The "confession" part being: I do NOT look attractive underwater.

But for you, my faithful readers, I'll share the hilarity and keep it real. I suppose it's a good thing one can laugh at one's unattractiveness. These photos sure made Ging & I laugh for several minutes after we picked them up from the 1-hour photo place.

A select few from our snorkeling for your viewing pleasure (or view all the underwater camera photos HERE).

And my personal favorite: a self-portrait, trying to smile underwater
Good times, good times!


Liz said...

So, were you guys under the impression that anyone looks good in a wet suit and snorkeling mask?
You're cute!

TheWinnFamily said...

Those are H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.!!

Phoebe said...

i am just impressed you had a wetsuit!

Kristin said...

The pictures are great, and who looks good underwater anyway?

Kellyry said...

While Ginger owns her wetsuit (she's a certified scuba diver), I had to use one of the rental company's. The water in Catalina is frigid!

Tims said...

DUDE. the last one is absolutely my favorite... if you ever do those online dating sites again... this one should totally go up on it... it will weed out the folks who can't laugh at themselves... and do the same with you!!!


Michelle Eastman said...

You live the life of a rock star.

I am jealous!