Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kell-Bell & Co.

One of the last volunteers (victims?) to my request for photography subjects is also one of my oldest friends, Kelly, going back over 20 years. We met through our sisters, both named Brandi, and we quickly became "The Kellys." Roaming the halls of junior high it was a big joke to call out to the two of us, "Hey Kelly!" to which we'd both respond, "Yeah?" and then they'd say, "No, the other one!" and point in a non-specific direction, at which point we'd shake our heads, realizing the joke was on The Kellys.

Since those days Kell has married her high-school sweetheart, Tom, and together they've created two adorable children, Emily & Brady. For some photos, we headed to Tom & Kell's college alma-mater, Cal Poly Pomona.
BertschFam_0081 BertschFam_0080


TheWinnFamily said...

FUN! Especially love the last shot, but all are great.

kellkellnd said...

You are a superstar! Thanks again!

Kristin said...

Adorable pictures!

Sara said...

All cute pics, Kell - as usual. :)

Sarah S said...

soo dear friend... you REALLY must make these photo skills support you through your graduate work...

shannon said...

How adorable is Kelly and her family!! It is so fun to see her after so many years, she's sprouted the most adorable kids ever! You did a great job!