Monday, January 07, 2008

You're Killing me, Larry!

Upon my return from lunch I saw that I had received a new email at my Gmail address, which I've only given to grad schools for communication about my applications. The subject line read: Potential Interview for Psy.D. Program. My heart leapt in my chest as I scrambled to click on the message, growing quickly frustrated as it took several seconds for the page to load with the new message.

All this anxiety only
to discover it was a reply to an email I'd sent to Pacific (in Portland) regarding my preference for an interview date should I get one, which they'd asked I do "just in case".

I sighed the sigh of only those awaiting big news via email can sigh when they realize the email they thought they were about to read was in fact only something inane or random.

I sat back, frustrated, yet resigned to wait another several weeks before word came.

And then it happened again...

A mere 3 minutes ago I was notified of yet another email; this time from DU (University of Denver). There was no subject line for the email so all that initially showed was the first line of the email, which read "We are pleased to inform you..." leaving me to once again scramble to open the message to discover what they were so pleased to inform me of. All the stress and anxiety once again, only to discover that they were pleased to inform me that my "admissions file has been forwarded on to the appropriate department for review" and I should contact that department should I have any questions as to the status of my application.

Seriously, people! You're killing me!!

I do believe my hair will start to grey before all this waiting and anticipating is over.

2 comments: skies tomorrow said...

Larry should die over this one HAHA I am pulling for you sister!

TheWinnFamily said...

Sorry Kel...that is beyond annoying.