Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Exercise in Frustration

As frustrating as any visit to the DMV is, please allow me to reassure you that a telephone conversation with one of their call center representatives is no less capable of driving you INSANE.

My vehicle registration was due last month--specifically, December 8, 2007--and like a good girl, I mailed it in several days in advance. As of today, my tags and new registration card have yet to arrive. Curious as to why that was, I contacted the DMV and after waiting on hold for, like, FOREVER, I finally spoke with a representative who informed me that my tags were scheduled to be mailed out tomorrow. Concerned that it was because my payment was delayed in arriving to them I queried and the man insisted my payment was received on December 7. When pressed for further understanding as to this delay, the man (who sounded as though he was in a wind tunnel) sighed in frustration and stated that it shouldn't matter to me why they were being sent out late and he wouldn't know anyway as he's in a call center, so I needed to just relax and know they were being sent out tomorrow, after which he concluded, "Thank you for calling." and hung up the phone.


I'd better not get a ticket for expired registration or I'm coming after anonymous-wind-tunnel-call-center man.

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TheWinnFamily said...

All I can say is, can you imagine having that be your job? The guy is probably depressed and can barely make it to work each day. Sorry Kel, that's lame.