Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Year, Another New Year's Eve in bed before midnight

I spent the afternoon helping Charlyn make appetizers for a shindig she was attending and then the rest of the evening with the Rydmans, recently returned from Christmas in Oregon.

Rama cooked a scrumptious meal (with homemade rolls!) and a delicious lemon & blackberry cake/pudding-esque dessert.

Our plan was to toast the New Year, New York time, but 9pm came and went as we chatted and Dave and Raja entertained us with some tunes on the piano. But not to worry, we toasted belatedly with some very lovely champagne.

It was my plan to ring in the New Year with Kir and the kiddos but alas, driving home I was overcome with sleapiness, the likes of which I knew would not abate. And so to my bed I went, content and cozy to sleep the new year in.

As calm and peaceful as this New Year's Eve was, I look forward to the crazy madness of moving and starting grad school this year. Now if only I knew where I was going...!!


TheWinnFamily said...

Cute pics! Ram...your a knockout!

T'Ru said...

We had so much fun with you, Kelly. Thanks for being so easy to be around and for doing the dishes! We love you!