Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hip Cooks: Chiffonade & Purple Potatoes

In honor of Ginger's upcoming birthday (#37!), to Hip Cooks we went to cook up a storm: Me, Ginger, Sarah, Brandi & Denise.

On the menu was Moroccan chicken with barley, new potato & green bean salad loaded with garlic and olive oil, salad and chocolate tarts with black raspberries and whipped cream.
For the potato salad, we chopped garlic, cut potatoes and chifonnaded basil.


We sauteed carrots, onions, prunes & wine for the chicken, tossed the potato salad and plated the chicken.
After all the food was made we sat to feast and make new friends (Hello new Lurkers!).

More photos on Flickr


TheWinnFamily said...

Looks like fun times...happy birthday Ging!!

carri and will (your hipcook lurkerzzzz) said...

heya kelly!
wow! you got those
pics up ril fast!
glad we remembered
your URL, our
new bloggy bud!
love your site.
and loved dishin
and dining with you : )