Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Hometown Birthday

The folks seem to have something for Hometown Buffet. They claim to choose it for the kids, but I think it's really them who loves the mini corndogs and dessert bar. So to HTB we headed to ring in Dad's 54th birthday. A lot happened on the way to the buffet line. Check it out...

Audrey ate olives. She likes to stick them on her fingers first.
Samuel thought. And he thought. And he invented something cool in his head.

Kirsten explained how Samuel & Lance are obsessed with her hair, twirling it between their fingers and petting her head.

Pops scored some cool birthday presents: A reminder of his daughter's recent graduation, The Clapper and some dough to buy a couple fingers worth of heated motorcycle gloves he wanted. Yeah, he scored big time.
There was some good ol'fashioned sibling rivalry over why Bay & Samuel look alike.

Lance swiped frosting off of someone's cake while B hugged on Bay.
Audrey & Bay communicated telepathically (while the little girl in the background stared at me).
We took the requisite Grandparents/Grandkids shot so mom & dad can keep with up with the Sorensens.
And after the Probsts drove off, Nanay and Audrey played shadow puppets.

See how exciting it was? I told ya! Maybe next time we'll invite you.


b said...

HT is definitely an experience. Pretty much the antithesis of anything Thomas Keller does, but I'm willing to admit that the food was better this time, than any previous visit. My theory is that we were there at a time when it was hoppin' and as such, it was fresher. But hey--it's not about the food, right? A good time was had by ALL!

TheWinnFamily said...

I could only hope....Happy B-day Dr. No Leaks! (nice re-cap Kel) :)

T'Ru said...

You are totally a professional made this look like the coolest birthday gathering at HTB ever...and I've never even been there!

I haven't checked blogs in so long that I didn't comment on your Hurray!! or BOO!! post, but I didn't want you to miss my comment, so I thought I'd add it here in case you don't check comments from so far back:

1. Rama
2. How can I possibly be concise with the oodles of adjectives that come to mind...well, I'll just name the ones that are forefront in my head right now: engaging, easy to be around, and extremely kind and loving.
3. The deep answer: You make sure I think about more than my own area of day to day living. The not-so-deep answer: I love looking at the pictures you take. Both answers are true.

Phoebe said...

Could Audrey look any more like Brandi?

Kellyry said...

I'm sure Bran will be happy to hear that Phoebes, since everyone usually exclaims how much she looks like Mike. :-)