Friday, January 25, 2008

Load up the car, kids!

Oh wait. I don't have any kids and thus no slaves, er, I mean 'help' to load up. And besides, I already did that this morning since I woke up early.

Currently my car contains:

  • The usual misc. junk in box in the trunk (including 2 "waterproof" picnic blankets, some extra scraps of fabric from my couch pillows, a couple of empty water bottles, 3 books I've already read, a scarf and various old school papers and folders).
  • My wool coat and a light-weight jacket
  • 1 bottle of Aquafina (filled with tap water--I'm not picky)
  • 4-100-calorie packs (2 each of Sandies and Cheezits)
  • A bag filled with clothes for this weekend (2 pair of jeans, 2 sweatshirts, 2 pairs of sleeping pants, 2 sleeping t-shirts, 2 pashminas, a handful of underwear, several pair of socks, a pair of all-terrain "hiking" shoes, slippers, my ankle Uggs (had 'em for 10 years!) and a steal of a pair of rain boots I found at Marshalls last night for $15. And my toiletries, of course.)
  • A pillow (as per M's instructions) and a down comforter (in case I get stuck in the snow and have to live in my car for the next 3 days)
  • My laptop with essential cords
  • 2 umbrellas
  • My farmer's market basket waiting to be filled up with other road-trip snacks
  • Directions
  • A little present for Molly
To do before I get out of Dodge:
  • Pick up chains from Pep Boys that I put on hold yesterday
  • Get gas
  • Get lunch
  • Get snacks
To do while I'm there:
  • Hang with Molly
  • Play with Brennan
  • Lay around and do nothing but lay around
  • Enjoy the snow
  • Forget about how I've still not heard from Chicago...


TheWinnFamily said...

Love everything about this post! And the map is just perfect! Are your new boots pink w/ dark pink dots? My friend Sara also got some at Marshalls for $15 and thats what hers looked like -cute and such a deal! Can't wait to see you Kel!! DRIVE SAFE!!!!!!!!

Kellyry said...

No, but I did see some brown & pink ones there. Mine are black & white floral print. One boot is more of a discolored yellow & black, but they work!

Sarah S said...

I want to come too... I have goodies for the Winns... Guess I'll mail them... Safe Travels