Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hurray!! or BOO!!

It seems to be a trend to "take roll" on one's blog every now and again. (This is me joining the bandwagon.)

All you lurkers out there, come one, come all and let me know you're reading so I can shout "Hurray!!" and feel the love, or "BOO!!" and feel sad and alone in this blogging world. Please comment with the following information:

1.) Name
2.) Why you love me
3.) Why you love reading my blog


(If you don't actually know me, or not well, feel free to replace answers to questions 2 &3 by telling me how you found my blog and why you come back to read again. Ok, that last one's still like #3. What can I say; I'm shameless.)


hanner said...

That is a hard question to answer for both. What is there not to love?

Katie said...

1) Katie
2) You Rule
3) It's funny

Liz said...

1. Liz
2. You are an awesome friend and a beautiful person inside and out.
3. You have funny stories to tell and sometimes you let me be a guest blogger!

Sarah S said...

1. Sarah Scheidler
2. You are stayed and blunt... I appreciate that about you...
3. I love seeing what you think is pretty or inspiring... and hearing about your day to day...


TheWinnFamily said...

1. Molly
2. I love you b/c you are one of my best friends so I have to
3. b/c you are one of my best friends so I care about what you care about...most of the time anyway -ha! :)

Phoebe said...

2. Because you know too much about me and we spent our formative years together.
3. To see if you are ever going to write about me and our funny times together. (you see, even if you think it's about you, it's really about me)

Jeremy said...

1. Jeremy Rodriguez
2. Don't you already know why I love you? You are hilarious, gracious, sweet, reliable, and of course, encouraging!
3. I like to see what you are up to, even though I am in O.C. Waiting for the next house party!

Kim said...

Kim Rogers

You are one of the only people I kept as a friend from my time in Pasadena because you are so awesome :)

Because it keeps me up to date with your exciting life!

Kellyry said...

Phoebs--Hahahahaha! I'll remember this in the future. ;-)

Jeremy said...

and I love you because you have Naked Gun quotes on your blog!

Amber said...

1. Amber (Tellez) Mitchell
2. Because you're Kelly. And when I think of you, I think of doing some school project at your house, while eating ice cream and watching your sister commit a brief car theft crime :).
3. Because it's honest and it's funny.

Ginger said...

1. Ginger
2. b/c you are YOU - full of love, honesty, loyalty, and a willing shoulder to cry on at all times - also because you share yourself with me
3. I love to read those random thoughts bouncing around in your brain -

Abby... the Oregonian said...

1. abby
2. what is not to love... recently i described you as... the most beautiful single friend i know, well read, very inteligent, savy, poised, dignified, great integrity and character, a good listener, a loyal friend, a peaceful presence, a godly woman, a loving and fun aunt, and one of my most favorite persons to hang out with, whether that's crying together, laughing, shopping, eating, having a sleep over, etc...
3. i love reading your blog cause you always have the most fun things and websites to explore. you give me the end result of all your research so that i can just come in and see the fun stuff you found. it also helps me know what you are up to and thinking now that i am so far away.