Friday, January 18, 2008

No news is....Good?

It's interesting for me to note my daily response to opening up my email in hopes of finding a gem inviting me to come for an interview. Although word for 3 of the 4 schools will not likely come till mid-February, there was a good chance (based on logical reasoning) that I would have heard from one by today. But alas, there is nothing there. Sort of like coming down on Christmas morning and finding no presents under the tree.

(Random thought/question: Does Christmas seem a long, long time ago for anyone else?)

This morning I didn't even bother to rush to open my email, doing so after I'd been at work for 15 minutes or so. Yesterday it was maybe 10 minutes. Each day my expectations are lowered and lowered until one day I may forget to open it entirely.

Sigh. I hate waiting.


TheWinnFamily said...

#1 please don't ever forget to open your email b/c that's how I hear from you more often now that I'm in no-mans land. #2 You will hear...soon #3 I can totally relate as we have yet to hear from IN!!

Jeremy said...

It is all going to work out!