Thursday, January 24, 2008


It was a dusting of hail on my car, the rooftops and the ground that greeted me this morning after the night's rainstorm. You know you're in SoCal when everyone is outside exclaiming over the little white pellets, taking pictures.

Hey, no laughing! This is the closest to snow we come round these parts. Now, drive a mere 30-45 minutes and you're sure to encounter lots of the real thing.

As much as I HEART the snow, I'm fearful that it may ruin my weekend plans to visit the Winns in the mountains. I've been so looking forward to this trip--The snow! A weekend away! Visiting with Molly & Brennan! If I have to snowplow the entire Grapevine myself, I. Will. GO. (Still with me, La?)

When this rainbow showed up right outside my office window, I knew it was a sign that God wants me to go tomorrow.
Isn't it beautiful? Amazing how you really can see the colors of a rainbow: Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Violet.


TheWinnFamily said...

Thats a great pic Kel! And yes...PLOW PLOW PLOW your way!! I'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!

b said...

How funny, Kell! I hadn't read your blog entry yet when I wrote my own--also about the snow. What lame-butts we are, fauning over less than 1mm of ice.

b said...

BTW--beautiful rainbow. Drive safely, please!

Jeremy said...

The 5 was still closed going northbound, and I think it is supposed to snow tomorrow. There is another way!
Take the 210W to the 5N to the 14N to the 58W to the 99N to Fresno, to the 41 to Bass Lake Road?

"mr navigator"

yes that is my only real nickname

Kellyry said...

Thanks, Jer! My dad tipped me off to this route too and there seem to be no closures-Yippea!