Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Copenhagen - (Last) Day 4

One last outing before Molly headed back to Ireland and I to Aarhus: the Changing of the Queen's Guard.

Although Queen Margrethe was not in residence at the time (nor the rest of the royal family), the Queen's guard stood faithfully by, ready to defend the kingdom. At noon each day the new guards replace the old ones in a formal ceremony (that doesn't make much sense to the average observer, though I'm sure there are reasons for each pause, stance and salute). Nonetheless, it's something every American tourist must experience and a great way to end a fun visit with Molly.



Molly W. said...

funny..I took some exact shots as you but didn't post them. :) you know what they say about great minds. :)

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures! Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities, although your visit looks a lot colder than our trip last July! skies tomorrow said...

OK - One day Molly's jacket is a green, then a teal and now definitely a BLUE What the hell color is her jacket anyway! Great shots Kel - I remember when you took me there

Jan said...

Great photos!
I knew you'd enjoy it :)