Monday, November 26, 2007

A few items of business:

  1. In case you're interested in planning your shopping trips to the Santa Anita Mall in advance, I'll be there to ring up all of your W-S purchases this Wednesday (11/28) 6pm-close and Sunday (12/2) 7:30pm-close.

  2. Don't forget: December 15th...If you don't know what that is and want to know more details (and you're not a stranger) email me.

  3. I'm getting my Christmas tree on Thursday. When will you get yours?


b said...

Already got it! Wish I could come and buy some stuff from you.

TheWinnFamily said...

Um...sadly we aren't getting a tree this year. :( We are moving out of our house before Christmas decorating over here. :( SAD!!!

DeniseMarie said...

I got mine several years ago, and 11 months out of every year it lives in a cramped box in my garage.....(My dad's a fireman, so sue me! Real trees were a no-no in our house. But I've tested all the Christmas tree scented candles on the market, and Illuminations has The Best.) I put it up and decorated it last night, and it looks and smells lovely.