Sunday, October 07, 2007

The sweet taste of SUCCESS

(aka. "A good excuse to celebrate at Ruth's Chris")

I left my house around (see below) and was on my way to (see below) with a quick stop at (see below) for sustenance.

Nearly 4 hours later (after TWO MATH SECTIONS (!#%&!*#)) the computer asked if I would like to see my scores on 2 of the 3 sections. Although I was not confident at this point that my guessing skills would salvage my math score, I am pleased to say I was wrong, and in fact, I am a GREAT guesser when it comes to the math section on the GRE. I was able to guess my way to a score that is above the average. Go me! Or more appropriately, THANK YOU GOD! As I joked with a friend later, "I'll take credit for my verbal section score, but God gets all the credit for the math!" Seriously, I'm still not quite sure how I managed to get the score I did; I can only assume this is further verification that I'm headed in the right direction.
So this, of course, required a celebration.

It is finished.


TheWinnFamily said...

I can still hear the "hallelujah chorus"...again, way to go Kel!

b said...

Super humungo-TILLYKKE soester, mine!


Sarah S said...

what a cute photo!!!

jen said...

congrats!! i will be employing the same strategy on the gmat test i will be taking in three weeks.

Phoebe said...