Thursday, October 11, 2007

School visit, Dinner & Gifts from afar

Today was the big day--the reason for this visit in the first place. Although the campus of MSPP is nothing spectacular, I absolutely adore the Director of Admissions, with whom I met today. My experience with the administration at this school has been nothing but positive, and that continues to be the case. After meeting a handful of people including the President and the Dean, I can say that if I were to choose MSPP, I would feel both well-educated and valued as a student. This visit, with such a positive experience with the school and my love for the city only makes the decision of where to go that much harder in the end. To make things easier, let's hope I hate Chicago.

For dinner this evening we decided we were in the mood for Mexican food. After consulting my Fodors guide (thanks Denise & Matt!), we headed out to Jamaica Plains for what the guidebook claims "the only authentic Mexican food in Boston." None of us were dissapointed with our entrees and my sangria was quite tasty.

Before Jan left to come to the states, he was armed with a wish list of Danish products that B, Denise and I longed for. Jan was our collective hero, bringing everything we wished for. Of course I had to open one bag of candy to sample a few pieces...just a few...or eight...

Tomorrow we join the rest of the tourists as we walk the Freedom Trail and if time, a visit to the JFK museum. Glad I brought my walking shoes! (They get my highest recommendation, D.) I may have to take some of my candy for energy.


Liz said...

Oh, please don't hate Chicago!!! The school might be a dud but I don't think that you could hate this city. :)

Kellyry said...

Ok, Ok, Liz. I'll try to not hate Chicago. :-)