Friday, October 26, 2007

The Chicago School

Why, oh why, does the good Lord not make this decision-making process just a smidge easier for me?

Yesterday I had my appointment with the admissions department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Of all the campuses I have visited, this one wins hands down for both location (see below--in the middle of downtown, on the Chicago River) and facilities (which are new, professional & extensive). So that was a great first impression. However, I was disappointed to be greeted by two counselors who immediately identified themselves as having been with the school for two months and four days, respectively. They informed me of this, so as to explain in advance their inability to answer any of my questions. Sure enough, their friendliness did not make up for their lack of knowledge. Although this does not rule out the school, it does make me wary, wondering why the school doesn't at least ensure that one more senior and knowledgeable (i.e at least 6-months, perhaps??) admissions counselor trains/co-counsels with one of the newbies.

It is interesting to note the different ways that schools handle these visits by potential applicants, and what that says indirectly, to me as a potential applicant. So again, pros and cons on both sides of this list.

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DeniseMarie said...

How are you liking the city itself? I heard from my grandpa that it's been unseasonably warm there lately. Hope you're enjoying it!