Friday, October 26, 2007


(Original title, no?)

Today started with a yummy little brunch place that Liz had been wanting to try. To start, we went with the 'fruishi'--strawberry rice with bananas and coconut rice with pineapple & mango. Tasty! For the main dish, there were several delicious sounding dishes, so rather than choosing, we split three: omelet with ham, swiss cheese & carmelized pineapple, cinnamon roll pancakes with a maple/pecan paste and icing drizzle, and pan-seared apple cider oatmeal with dried fruit compote.
Suffice to say we left with full tummies and our sweet tooths quite satisfied.

All of those carbs gave us the energy to head downtown and take the architectural boat tour of the city (pictures to come in another post) and then walk down to Millenium Park with the famous mirrored "bean."

With little time before closing at the Art Institute, we made do with a lengthy perusal in the Museum Store (where I found my Christmas cards!) and some shopping along State St. A diner dinner at Clarke's, ice cream from Baskin' Robins and a cozy evening back at Liz's apartment with the rain sprinkling outside was a nice way to end our second day in Chicago.

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