Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Shout-Out!

Two people who are dear to me mark today as their Happy Birth-Days.

My Cousin, Summer!

Wishing you a wonderful day with, a Dirty Dancing and/or Pride & Prejudice viewing, and brunch at Home Town Buffet. Love you!

And a dear friend from Denmark, Jan!

I dag er det Jans foedselsdag, Hurra, Hurra, Hurra! Han sikkert sig en gave faar som han har oensket sig i aar, dejlig chokolade med kage til! Jeg glaeder mig til at se dig i Oktober!


Bran, Mike & Audrey said...

Congrats Summer and Jan!

Summer said...

Thanks Kell and Bran! Luv and miss you all! Give my lil Audrey a special August B-day Kiss from me! =)

Kellyry said...

B--this was how I wanted A's cupcakes to look; although I realize you had no control over the frosting of the cupcakes after your sweet friend insisted on frosting them for you. But still, just so you know what my vision was, and I'm sure yours too. :-)