Wednesday, June 18, 2008

There's this thing about Danes...

They LOVE to be outside. Like many places around the world that are cold and gray for a large part of each year, when the sun finally shows it's face, out flock the people and off come the sweaters and shoes. Within an hour or so the green spaces around the cities become filled with folks turning their faces to the sun, soaking up all those photons and vitamin-whatever. It may be only 40 degrees outside but by golly, if there is sun, they are there!

I was only able to take off work beginning tomorrow through next Tuesday, so Anne has occupied herself by going for walks/runs and sitting on my back patio or front porch like a sun-worshiper (after only 2 days, she's got a good base tan going). After lunch today I dropped her off to hike to the waterfall in Monrovia Canyon Park, and off she went, happy as a clam to be outside, in nature, soaking up that 100+ degree sun. Crazy girl.

Makes me sweat just looking at her. Her concession for the heat (which she admits is on the warm side) was to wear sandals instead of hiking boots.

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Liz said...

Have a great time!!
P.S. One winter in Chicago and you will be the same way! I don't care how much you hate the hot weather, as soon as the sun starts to come out, you will crave it (even if you are still bundled up!)