Sunday, June 15, 2008


J'absolutely adore!

Do I have to wait to have a child to own this mobile? Can't I have it now?! (I'm totally serious.)


Liz said...

I don't see why you can't have it now! It would look strange if you also bought a crib to hang it over but just the mobile itself seems suitible kids or no kids.

TheWinnFamily said...

um I think it would be more appropriate for you then a baby, so there's that! Go for it!

Michelle Eastman said...

Hi Kelly - thank you for your comments - so thoughtful!

I like the mobile a LOT!

7 weeks - can you believe that? IT seems like you were JUST sending out applications and wondering where you would end up, listing pros and cons .....

I know Ginger is going to miss you terribly.

I am still envious of your photo skills- though not at the point of sin yet. ;o)

You are always a breath of fresh air and you have a smile that makes all the sadness go away.

Love ya!

Cindy & Brian said...

I LOVE it! Baby(ies) or not! skies tomorrow said...

If we always have to wait for the "babies", husbands then I think that puts ridiculously undue pressure! Buy it now...also splurge on those sexy undergarments, just for you.