Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road Trip with Anne: Day 5

Only a handful of photos were taken of the drive from Flagstaff back home to LA, of which only 2 remain for the day. Anne tried to use my camera to take a photo of the (fast) approaching "Welcome to California" sign as we crossed the AZ/CA border, but was frustrated to discover that all of her attempts were blurry. I later discovered that the camera was still on manual focus, resulting in shots like this one:

Our only other outing for the day (besides finding a Cold Stone in Barstow for Anne to again have her Chocolate Devotion :-), was a trip to Target to get a handful of photos printed, which we turned into postcards. Who needs to buy postcards when you can make your own with you in it? Much more fun for the postcard's recipient, don't you think?

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TheWinnFamily said...

Cool idea!