Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Road Trip with Anne: Day 2

On Day 2 we left St. George (after a stop at Wal-Mart for a few things) and headed to Zion National Park. Eager to try and photograph the enormous beauty of nature, I quickly realized how incredibly difficult it is to truly capture the sheer size and magnitude, the deep colors and contrast of light & shadows. Of course I had to try, with some images more successful than others.

To protect the national park and make things easier on visitors, Zion has a handy shuttle system with stops along the way, each with it's own unique view or set of trails.

Our first stop was Court of the Patriarchs where a short but steep hike led you to view these three rock formations named after Jacob, Isaac & Abraham from the Bible
Next stop was to The Lodge, where a mile and a half will take you to the lower Emerald Pools. While the term 'pool' should have actually been 'puddle', the views were nonetheless beautiful.
After hiking back down from the pool we stopped at the river/creek and soaked our feet in the cool water.
From the bridge over the river I found the two opposite views so uniquely different; one with calm water and deep blue skies, and the other with a more muted sky and water tumbling over the rocks.
Before moving on to our next stop, we popped into the Lodge Cafe for a soda. Though I am not generally a soda-drinker, an icy cold coke sure hit the spot.
One of the things I picked up at Wal-Mart that morning was a pair of $6 faux-Crocs. Let's just say that after a day of hiking, I am a convert. As ugly as they may be, my feet were well-cushioned and comfortable all day long.
After our little break, we hopped back on the shuttle and continued north into the park, stopping at Weeping Rock, known for the water that constantly drips down over the ledge.
Our last stop was at Big Bend, offering a 360 degree view from the base of various rocks.
Getting back on the shuttle, we rode it up to the last stop and then back down the canyon to our waiting car at the Visitor Center. After nearly 5 hours, we were hot, hungry and ready for some air conditioning.
Upon exiting the shuttle we saw this woman lounging on a bench in the shade reading a book. It reminded me of the time Ginger and I sat below the Eiffel Tower and read aloud for hours, soaking up the sun and the scene.
The drive out of Zion and to where we'd spend the night just 5 miles from the entrance of the Grand Canyon's North Rim, was beautiful as it went from rugged cliffs to rolling hills and meadows.
Our home for the evening, Kaibab Lodge, was more than adequate with surprisingly good food.
After our day and in anticipation of Day 3 and seeing sunrise at the Grand Canyon, it was dinner, showers and early to bed for us both. (To see all the photos from Day 2, go HERE.)


Kristin said...

Your trip looks like so much fun! Your pictures are beautiful Kelly!

TheWinnFamily said...

Looks loverly. Have I mentioned that I'm soooo glad your back? :)

Sarah S said...

Faux crocs are NOTHING compared to the real thing...
nothing nothing nothing...

:) much love

kellkellnd said...

Great pictures kell. We are spending 5 days in Zion this September, Now I'm even more excited.