Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road Trip with Anne: Day 4

It was nice to not have to pack our things and check-out of our hotel. Instead, we could linger in bed, have a late Sunday breakfast and then head south of Flagstaff to Sedona and the Red Rocks.

Along route 89A to Sedona we pulled over to see the view and browse the booths selling Native American jewelry and pottery. I tried to take a photo of a particularly interesting vase and was sternly reprimanded that, "Photos are not allowed!" I suppose they are worried I'll take pictures and then copy their designs, but as that's not my intent, I get a little annoyed by their protectiveness and the "atmosphere" shots I miss out on.

We decided to explore around the area south of Sedona first, intending to drive back north to explore the town known for it's vortexes (vortices?) and new-age spiritualism. But once south, we decided to take another route back "home" to Flagstaff, so sorry, no shots of crystals to entertain you. The area south of Sedona is known as "Red Rock Country" but this rock grouping was particularly picturesque.
Once back in Flagstaff we had a late lunch at Olive Garden followed by lounging in our hotel room reading books. After the busy days before, it was nice to just lay around. Our evening included a walk in the Wal-Mart across the street (where we met the first Danes of our entire trip, something we'd expected to encounter much earlier) and a walk to Cold Stone Creamery where Anne, a chocolate lover, discovered "Chocolate Devotion." Though no photos captured her delight, I can assure you she was in chocolate heaven. It was then off to bed for us and our ice-cream induced sugar comas, ready to the drive home to LA the next day.

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katie b. said...

What fun! I love Flagstaff. My sister used to live there and I made many a road trips from SoCal to Flag. Talk about two different worlds.

I am slightly disappointed that you ate at the Olive Garden, though! I know that the $5 salad and breadsticks lunch is hard to pass up, but, I hope that you got to enjoy some of the local restaurants too.