Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photo Books

For those of you that have made photo books using online companies (Blurb, Shutterfly, My Publisher, Creative Memories, etc), I have a few questions...

  • Who did you use?
  • Did you like the resulting book? Would you use them again?
  • Any tips you learned along the way?
  • Any companies you would not recommend?
  • Any other thoughts about photo books?


Summer said...

Hey Kel! I don't know the name of which one they used, but Mike and Bran put together a really nice one for my mom from their trip to Africa. I thought it came it really good!

Liz said...

A co-worker of mine had a great experience with Shutterfly after her trip to Spain. They had a good process that they took her through and they were running a deal at the time too for buy 1 get 1 half off.

Sara said...

I've used Creative Memories Story Book Creator and have loved it. One catch, though, they have a free version you can download from their site that doesn't have all the options that the one they offer for sale does. I would strongly recommend the purchase, but if you were looking for a free layout, I would suggest My Publisher instead.

Kristin said...

Hi Kelly,
I agree with the comment above...I LOVE the freative memories software. The free version is ok, but it is definitly worth the $60 for the upgraded software if your going to do more than 1 album. What is also great is that you can save individual pages and even print them at Costco if you want. The books turn out great, although they are a little more expensive than shutterfly and some of the others. Worth the extra cost though!

Phoebe said...

I have done a Kodak and a Shutterfly. Shutterfly is more Scrapbooki-ish than Kodak. I loved Kodak's clean lines and the fact that they did a book with a black background. I think both were pretty equal in ease of use. Good luck!

Michelle Eastman said...

I love the photo books but I hate that they cost a fortune - the only reason I have never made one.

But what a precious and lasting tribute to someone you care about ... will be appreciated long after a gift card has been spent!

T'Ru said...

Michelle is so IS a precious and lasting tribute...have I told you enough times that I absolutely adore the one you made for Raja. So, though I know nothing about photo books, I'd pick blurb, for the sole reason that that's where you made the one for Raja and it's PERFECT! Thanks again, Kell.

MersMom said...

I have used Snapfish to put together a few gifts for good friends. One of a trip we took to china years ago, and one of all the years we have known each other. The books were great, and Snapfish is easy to use.

I made a 12 x 12 wedding photo album for my best friends wedding and I used Photoworks for that one. I think she really liked the small mini-album the best because she could carry that in her purse.

I love Shutterfly, and I just ran into Our Hubbub and wanted try one there.