Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Movie Night

As I looked at my calendar yesterday, I realized that in less than 7 weeks I will be driving north-eastward, on my way to Chicago. Almost seven weeks sounds like a decent amount of time, or at least it did until I realized that after this weekend, I'll basically be out of town for the 4 weekends following (entertaining a friend from Denmark who is visiting for 2 weeks, road-tripping to the Arizona & Utah deserts, sunning in Catalina, and visiting with family & friends in Oregon.) After I'll that I'll have just two weekends to go, both of which will surely be filled with packing, visiting, goodbye-partying and more packing & visiting.

This whole moving/goodbye thing is bittersweet: excitement at the new adventure that lies ahead, mixed with sadness at the reality of leaving everyone here. Which is why last night's casual dinner and movie night at Denise & Matt's was all the more special.



Simple salads, frozen pizza (which we all agreed sometimes just hits the spot) and candy to munch on during the movie, made for a perfect Friday evening.



TheWinnFamily said...

Sounds like the makings of a fabulous night to me!

Phoebe said...

So true! Sometimes it just hits the spot.
After having moved several times, I can completely relate to your mixed emotions. Adn it kind of makes me excited to move again, someday.

I am also very thrilled that I get to see you a few more times before you leave!