Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anne's Visit: The Final 24 Hours

Friday, 00:00 (aka 6pm)
A walk around Pasadena City Hall, where I stalked a bride getting her photo taken
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01:00 (aka 7pm)
Dinner at Islands with Sara P & Brandi Y
062708-83_edited-1 062708-82_edited-1
Saturday, 15:30 (aka 9:30am)
A high-class breakfast Hometown Buffet (What?! She wanted to go. Insisted upon it. I swear it!)
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20:30 (2:30pm)
One last visit to Cold Stone Creamery! Chocolate Devotion for Anne (of course), Shock-a-Cone for me. Anne's excited as she holds the bag, then disappointed to pull out my ice cream first. But never fear, her excitement returns as she reunites with her devotion!
24:00 (aka 6pm)
Delivery to the airport. :-( That was a sad time, but we're already planning Road Trip #2 based out of Chicago. Niagra Falls here we come!

(For all the photos from Anne's visit, go HERE.)

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TheWinnFamily said...

Glad you two had such a fun time!