Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photographic Evidence of Several Things:

(Slide the bar left and right to see the evidence)

  1. Girls in junior high are often taller than the boys (See A, L, M)
  2. My niece Bailey has great legs (See A, E, H, L)
  3. Boys and Girls start to get along again in junior high (See B)
  4. They also know how to ignore each other (See F)
  5. Bailey has younger brothers and knows how to tell boys what to do (See C)
  6. Boys make funny faces when standing on a stage accepting an awards (See C, D)
  7. Most Junior high'ers dislike standing on stage accepting awards (See E, H)
  8. But they secretly sort of like the attention and at times, can't help but smile (See L)
  9. A firm, confident handshake is something one should learn early. (See G)
  10. Bailey is cute. Shy and cute. (See ALL, but especially I, K, M, N, O, Q)
  11. Bailey's hair is made of spun gold. (See J)
  12. Bailey makes her little brother do her dirty work (i.e. telling me she doesn't want any more photos taken) (See R)
  13. Rat tails exist outside of the desert (See R again)
  14. Bailey is an Outstanding Citizen, Outstanding Achiever in 'Career' elective, has perfect attendance and (not shown) is an Outstanding Reader (See S)
  15. Taking pictures indoors in poor light, without good flash equipment, no matter how good one's camera is, is one of the most frustrating and unsuccessful photography endeavors. EVER. (See A-R)
  16. I need to relearn my A-B-C's (See lack of 'P')
(To see the photos Flickr-style, go HERE.)


hanner said...

Wow. I remember babysitting Bailey when I was in 7th grade!

DeniseMarie said...

Bailey is adorable, and sweet inside and out. As a non-relative I am unbiased, therefore this is not debatable. Bailey = adorable. Period. And smart and talented and, apparently, a good attender!

TheWinnFamily said...

Your commentary cracks me up. Go Bailey!

b said...

Oh my gosh, this breaks my heart with love, joy and auntly-pride.
Bailey is gorgeous--inside and out. She is so perfectly charming, sweet, intelligent and wonderful. Her legs? To die for.

Perfect attendance? I don't think any of the the Shaw sisters even had perfect attendance to lunch...or Saturday cartoons. Holy cow, is this girl really in our family?

Love you, Bailey Boo.

Kelly--I think the pics are really neat and love the slide feature.