Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I shouldn't work for the weather channel.

On a couple occasions in the last few weeks, I've been accused of misleading others with regards to the weather. Apparently my definition of "lovely outside today" is different than my friends. One Sunday a couple weeks ago I texted a friend, "Brunch? It's LOVELY out today!" And so we met at Orange and stood outside in the sunshiney, blue-skied morning waiting for a table to open up. Me: bundled up in my coat with a scarf and gloves, and my toasty Uggs. Her: coat, no gloves or scarf, and a pair of ballet flats without socks. As she stood shivering she said, "I thought you said it was lovely outside!?"

To me, lovely = beautiful blue skies with fluffy clouds. It does not guarantee warmth.

(Sorry for misleading you Lisa!)

So when it was again a "lovely" (but cold; low-20's) Sunday and I knew I'd be spending most of the day inside at work, I took my camera and an early train to the South Loop neighborhood to wander around.



Molly W. said...

Maybe you just need to differentiate between "lovely" and "cold but lovely?" :)

Tims said...

love the locks!!!!

Abby... the Oregonian said...

kelly, those pictures are awesome. love the colors