Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's Sunday night.

  • Still plugging away at that box of clementines. Delish!
  • Just emailed off a proposal to photograph a wedding in October. Waiting to hear back about another one at the end of May. We'll see!
  • Finding myself drawn to rusty chains and locks recently. So rustic!
  • Didn't get a lick of homework/studying done today as planned. Bad Kelly!
  • I woke up today and pulled the blinds to find a winter wonderland had descended sometime during the night; it's been snowing almost all day. Love the snow on days when I can stay cozy inside!
  • Wondering why peeps rarely comment on my blog anymore. Thoughts/suggestions? Am I boring you with my narcissism?


hanner said...

I understand the comment dilemma. I use Google Reader so I rarely comment on blogs anymore!! Sorry :(

Molly W. said...

Well I know you aren't talking to me! People can be lame at commenting even though they are looking. Boo for not commenting!

Kim said...

I hope you get more wedding jobs - you're going to have quite a dilemma someday trying to figure out which passion to follow since you will be in demand and awesome at both!!

grannybabs said...

I agree with Kelly - comments are what make blogs interesting - at least to my way of thinking.

I think I didn't know about your blog - saw the link on Jennifer Menlove's - not sure why I haven't noticed it before!!

You have a great blog - the photography is amazing!

Jenny Dequer said...

I catch up on my favorite blogs (yours included) every 5-10 days; but I'm a reader, rarely a commenter (commentator?). Re booking weddings, might you be available in May or June of 2008? Have you ever photographed in Yosemite? Just thinking ahead (nothing set in stone yet...literally ;)).