Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too much Vitamin C?

For all you homeopaths out there, can I ingest too much Vitamin C? What will happen if I do? If so, what is too much?

Trying to kick a cold by drugging it up with cold medicine and double-doses of vitamin C (2000 mg/day) + drinking OJ. Is taking Vitamin C after you get a cold like shutting the barn doors after the horse has already escaped?


DeniseMarie said...

Yes, you can take too much vitamin C, and what will happen is diarrhea. The horrible, quick-onset kind. As long as you don't get it, you can know your body is still using the C you're taking in. But once the diarrhea kicks in, cut back on your C intake and it should go away. Everyone's threshold is different. Also, taking C in the powdered form is more effective than the chewables or pills.

Molly W. said...

Heck if I know but I trust Denise! Get better would ya?!

b said...

Denise is right. Your body will expel what it cannot use.

Further, (and greatly to my surprise) I read that taking Vitamin D has far more proven immune-system boosting effects that C. In the article I read, a doctor said that he recommends all his patients take 5000mg Vitamin D from October through April!

Get well Kell!