Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walk with Carol

Carol and I met for lunch yesterday and an impromptu photowalk around the neighborhoods of Old Town and River West, both really cool neighborhoods with unique styles. One classic elegance, the other industrial/urban. Both areas sparked my interest for future photo shoots.

Lunch at Corner Bakery fortified us for our walk.


The cool thing about walking with other photographers is realizing how different we see the things around us.
While taking pictures on a bridge we met a budding photographer who we talked cameras, lenses & ISO with for a while. These are always fun and educational chats.
We passed so many cool doors and windows. I tried several angles and distances trying to capture this particular doorway, but to no avail. So Carol gave it a try.
You Try
While waiting for the bus, I played with capturing bokeh from the lights of the oncoming traffic.

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Molly W. said...

I love how intentional you are, and how you take every opportunity to learn...and I especially love how then you share that w/ me. :)