Sunday, February 08, 2009

City by cellphone

What did the world do before cell phones with cameras, I ask you? Apparently I use mine more than I realized. Bored on the bus the other day I began to go back through my phone's album and had fun seeing the randomness of so many of the photos. From breakfast at work or at school while studying for a test, to intriguing bus passengers, a row of Ugg-wearing students, artwork on the walls at work, my view out a window, on the street or in class, or a self-portrait, here's a slice of my life.

Enjoying the 55F sunshine on my face yesterday.

Most of all, I love how photography has opened my eyes to see the world around me in new and unique ways.


Kim said...

um guy in green spandex..mmm... outfit?


bonny with a Y said...

i love this - what a great montage.

Kellyry said...

I figured someone would ask about the Green Man. Halloween night, everyone was getting off shift at work and getting ready to head out to various parties when in walks one coworker dressed like THIS! Man, oh man, did we all laugh our butts off. I don't think I've laughed that hard since Lauren got stuck in a seatbelt. It was awesome. He was awesome to dare to wear that getup. It's some character, though I can't remember who he was supposed to be...Anyone recognize the green suit?

Molly W. said...

I love how photography has opened your eyes too, b/c I get to benefit from the beauty!! Love the self portrait and of course the woman w/ the yellow flats and purse is quite captivating to me. :) Fun post, Kels!!!

b said...

Very cool. Cool book idea. You should snag it quick.